Ysgol Penlon

2m wide, 1.5m high Living Willow Dome

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On a very cold day – they do put these playgrounds in some exposed spots – in February of 2009 Lisa, Rose and I went to help Ysgol Penlon in Llwyncelyn to build a living willow dome.

I then went back there in January 2011 to giving it a bit of TLC. It had been battered by the winds, nibbled by rabbits and had to cope with children streaming through it so it was looking a bit sorry for itself. But most of the willow had established so with a few judicious replacements the dome shape was easily re-established. It’s definitely looking a bit more organic than when we carefully created that geometrically perfect diamond lattice! But now it has started to fill out a bit it should be more robust and provide a lovely sheltered spot from that fierce summer heat we get in Wales.